Top gear bad language about mexicans


One week ago, in a good program from the other side of the CHARCO, the program TOP GEAR dear to say some stuff about Mexicans. This began ´cause the new Mexican car, well the later say some rude things about how the mexicans, they say, are and I think this is unrespectfull nobody should say that kind of stuff because Mexicans are the most kindly people with the people that comes from outer, also always and it is from thousands of year is the people that wake up early. take a bath and go to work. we have a great history. If our president isn´t great that is not our fault you can critized that or some aspect but in a general aspect but not saying things like we are ashamed of our people. I wakw as proud of me as many days, but also I get bored but not for that reason it means that I am a lazy person. In México we export and import and another thing dont confuse the Americanised form of cooking with the Mexican one, in México we dont use that much of cheese we ate a lot of tortilla. Please se beyond fromwhat people see just for one that go abroad not all the mexicans steal or are fat, in México also there are successfull people women and men and many people want to invest in our country.

I saw this video yessterday is from a great writer that talks about the singles ideas about one country or other things. her name is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie she is african writwr from Nigeria.


7 febrero, 2011. culturas, México, television.

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